Great Place to Work Certified

Values of Medivaley


  1. Play the role of key knowledge partners for development to government projects in health technology by providing need-based ideation, Technology Assessment, manufacturing enablement, market realization and application in state-centre healthcare infrastructure
  2. Act as key link in health technology exchange between institutional and infrastructural developments and building synergy between industry, policy makers and academia.
  3. Enable unmet need-based technology management training, mentoring and outreach to researchers, entrepreneurs and industry in view of developing technology enabled entrepreneurs who can help solves health technology unsolved needs through industrial/academic collaborative ventures.
  4. Cater to infrastructure and development facilities, commercializing research, knowledge and resource management to technology-oriented industries and start-up ventures in process creating avenues for such innovations to reach out to all segments of the economic pyramid.
  5. Develop infrastructural support to create technology-based solutions for health technology solutions through education, research, curation, manufacture and necessary policy support primarily through nurturing technology-based start-ups.


  1. Our mission is to empower indigenous research and development ecosystems, build new-age health technology leaders and entrepreneurs, who can reroute innovative thinking to accelerate creation of sustainable, scalable enterprises that have significant social and economic impact in the medical technology paradigm.
  2. The health challenges of tomorrow will only be met with new, innovative solutions that are grown into viable enterprises by entrepreneurs. To foster the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations the Foundation’s key focus is on partnering with universities and communities to help build an ecosystem that will create these innovative enterprises.