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Providing your social medial profiles will help AIM in evaluating your application for the Mentor Program
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ATL Mentoring Details
If selected as a mentor, you will be assigned two schools to begin your mentoring journey. AIM, NITI Aayog will try to allocate one school from your below preferences however there is no guarantee that you will be assigned a school from your preference list. The second school will be assigned by AIM for remote and virtual mentoring
Maximum allowed ATL preferences from your own state is 2. Please select a minimum of 2 ATLs outside your state.
Mentoring in other AIM Initiatives
Reference Details
As part of our child safety policy, we will reach out to two people in your network to perform a brief background check. Please provide the names of two people here, one from your personal network and one from your professional network. These people should have known you for at least two years.
Fill Video url for following questions
a)Guidelines for uploading video on Google drive b)Guidelines for uploading video on Youtube