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PCT Lab situated at AIC-AMTZ Medivalley Incubation Council is an affordable EMC pre-compliance testing facility which caters its services to incubates, innovators and manufacturers in the medical technology space. This lab is equipped with state-of-art equipment on par with the international standards. The test reports issued by PCT lab will provide an insight into potential EMC problems and ways to reduce the risk of device failure.


MECHATRONICS LAB with Basic Lab & Advanced Lab

An exclusive prototyping space which enables Innovators, Makers, Researchers, Academia and Startups to Experiment, Tinker, Innovate and Make something out of your ideas. It is equipped with advanced power tools and machining tools, open source programming boards (Arduino, Raspberry-Pi, NodeMCU), General Purpose electronic components (sensors, servo motors, stepper motors, battery clips, power strip, etc.), Quality measurement Instruments (vernier calipers, micro meters, height guage, surface table, etc.) mechanical tools (Pliers, Hacksaw, ARC Welding, workstations for Drilling, Dremel rotary, C-Clamp, spanner set and screwdrivers, etc.), Crafting materials and Saftey equipment (gloves, mask, ear plugs, safety goggles and first aid kits).


ELECTRONICS LAB with Basic Lab & Advanced Lab

For an idea to enter into the market, it has to cross various stages of technology readiness levels. From a laboratory prototype to a commercial product the role of test and measurement Instruments are very important. To cater to this need, Medi Valley Incubation Council has established a state-of-the-art electronic lab facility equipped with a wide range of test and measurement equipment. This facility is open for Design & Development needs of any innovators, Research labs, Academia and Start ups.

Calibration and testing LAB

Calibration and testing Lab

Testing and calibration of medical devices plays a very vital role in hospital ecosystem, as it ensures safety, accuracy and effectiveness of the device. The testing and calibration facility at AIC - AMTZ Medi Valley Incubation Council is equipped with state-of-the-art biomedical calibrators on par with national & international standards to test and calibrate 20+ medical devices with the current capability.