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MEDTECHATHON- NextGen Medical Device Innovation Challenge 2021- The AMTZ and Meity Startup Hub Medical Device Innovation Challenge is inviting applications for innovations in essential medical equipments such as Cardio respiratory devices, Radiology devices, Cancer care devices and smart electronics for health care    SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES DEMONSTRATION for Medtech Applications - Demonstrate Sensors Technology that could be Immediately Applied/ Customized/Commercialized for Medical Applications   

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Medivalley Incubation Council

The innovation arm of the pioneering medical device manufacturing ecosystem, the Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ), Medi Valley Atal Incubation Centre is funded by NITI Aayog under the Atal Innovation Mission. Medi Valley is the only facility in the country dedicated to health technology and located within the medical devices manufacturing epicentre. Mentored by stalwart researchers, technology and innovation champions, leading manufacturers and eminent policy makers, Medi Valley handholds innovators along all stages from ideation to manufacturing. Enabling full access to AMTZ and its group of institutions, scientific. regulatory, manufacturing and trade facilities, Medi Valley is the only one of its kind in MedTech, Techno-Business Incubation, Need and Priority based Innovation and beyond.

Medical Technology Innovation is a multidisciplinary approach in encompassing aspect of several fields of science and engineering. Medi Valley has established state-of-the-art laboratory facility where innovators can tinker with their ideas in all domains of biomedical engineering.
The core Medi Valley facility covers a twenty three thousands square feet of co-working space for laboratory, office, meeting and co-habitation of ideas in addition

Products For Better India

Incubates Taking your small bussiness to the Next Level

Lab Testing Medical Devices

Patents Secure your research work through publishing a Patent


Core Biovalley

Biovalley Incubation Council is a comprehensive entrepreneur incubation hub catering to convergence technologies in the field of Medtech and Biotech.

Center For 3D-Printing

Center for Bio-Tech Innovation and Rapid Prototyping in Medtech and Biotech.

EMI/EMC Testing

ElectroMagnetic Interference(EMI) and ElectroMagnetic Compatibility(EMC)

GAMMA Irradiation

Centre for Gamma Irradiation with Cobalt Source supply from BRIT/BRAC.

Testing and Calibration Lab

Testing and Calibration of Medical Devices in Hospital Ecosystem

Pre-Compliance Testing(PCT)

PCB Lab Situated at AIC-AMTZ Medivalley Incubation Council is an affordable EMC Pre-compliance testing Facility.